President Obama Demands Balanced Approach On Fiscal Cliff

After the election, President Obama gained some very welcome power and mandates from the voters, who agreed with his balanced approach by a landslide. The tallies are in and the President captured 332 electoral votes and won the popular vote by over 3 million. That is political capital given by the people and now he needs to spend it.

The President offered cooperation with Republicans by coming to a grand bargain on the fiscal cliff. He said that he “is not wedded to every detail of my plan” and claimed “I’m open to compromise. I’m open to new ideas.” He also said that he “will not listen to any plan that doesn’t have a balanced approach.” Then he reminded reporters that “the majority of Americans agree with my approach.”

President Obama has a brand new sense of purpose and a brand new aura of confidence that circulated the room. He knows that the voters are on his side. You could sense that in Speaker Boehner’s remarks yesterday as he has a new tone when talking about compromise and reaching across the aisle with the President, and other Democrats, to find common ground.

All the economic signs are trending upward. The economy is ready to take off and soar unless members in Congress have other ideas. They need cooperation out of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who famously said his goal was to make Barack Obama a one term President. That didn’t work out so well for Republicans who received horrendous backlash from voters on election night. The condition is ripe for compromise. The people say get it done.

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