President Obama Dominates A Very Passive Mitt Romney In Foreign Policy Debate

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney did everything in his power to look as meek as possible while agreeing with President Obama on almost every issue. He looked as timid and weasel like while appearing to be as non-threatening as he could, even though he is being tutored by 17 of George Bush’s foreign policy advisers. As the President said this morning, “we just saw stage 3 Romnesia.”

Gov. Romney was as agreeable and quiet as a church mouse, while changing his story again to try and appeal to voters as a calm wimp that ran away from every argument. He shied away from confrontation and got bullied by a President that had all the facts and stood up for his excellent foreign policy, which Mitt Romney agreed with all night.

Mitt Romney’s mission at the debate last night was clear. He didn’t want to make any big mistakes, while agreeing with President Obama for most of the night. He ran from fight after fight on the issues and came off looking like a zombie that barely had a heart-beat. He chose to cut and run, while trying to beat the clock. One of his most obvious mistakes came when he claimed that Syria provided Iran “its route to the sea.” The problem with that statement is Iran has to go through Iraq to get to Syria, and the U.S. is not going to let that happen.

John Kerry said it best by calling Romney a “foreign policy novice whose presidency would be dangerous for the country.” He also claimed a Romney/Ryan ticket would be “the most inexperienced twosome in modern history to run for president and vice president,” while saying they “lack clarity in almost anything they’ve said.” To turn back the clock with two candidates that have so little experience would put America in grave danger.

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