President Obama Gives Gov. Romney A Beat-Down In Second Debate

The President came into the second debate with a chip on his shoulder and left with a huge victory after destroying Mitt Romney at Hofstra University last night. The town hall debate was combative and memorable for most of the night. Mitt Romney played the bully again, but this time President Obama stood up to the bully, and as one pundit described it, “the bully got whipped.”

After the debate was scored, President Obama won all counts, while winning almost every exchange and every issue, starting with Libya. Gov. Romney stuck his chin out and he got walloped. He lied when he claimed the President didn’t call the Consulate attack an “act of terror” and got smacked in the mouth when the President said that to suggest that “anybody on my team would play politics or mislead is offensive.”

Next up was the tax issue where the President hammered Romney again because of his lack of any details on how to pay for his $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy. He quoted the Gov. as saying that he thought it was fair that he only paid a 15% tax rate while middle class Americans paid a lot more. Next Mitt Romney opened himself up when he said that “he cared about 100% of the people.” This was a huge ending for President Obama who blasted Gov. Romney over his remarks on tape where he said that “47% of Americans considered themselves victims that didn’t pay taxes and he doesn’t care about them.”

The first debate was a disaster for the President who more than made up for it with the beat-down he put on Gov. Romney last night. They have each won one debate going into the finale o Oct. 22, which will cover foreign policy. The stakes are high and the pressure is on. They will be battling to see who deserves to be Commander In Chief.

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