President Obama Has Lead In Early Voting

The President seems to have an advantage when it comes to early voting in most states. One poll gives him a 59% to 31% lead over Mitt Romney which is expected to be huge for President Obama. About 7% of the electorate has already voted in some 40 states. The Romney campaign denies those reports and says they are ahead or even with the President in the battleground states of North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, Florida and New Hampshire.

Over 1/3 of voters will have cast their ballot by the time of the election on November 6. The Obama campaign insists that the President is up big with early voting in Iowa and Ohio. Michael McDonald, an early polling expert, says President Obama has twice as many early voters in Iowa as Gov. Romney does, but that number is changing every day.

Tomorrow night’s debate could have a huge impact on early voting as both campaigns continue their debate prep in secrecy. The President is prepping in Williamsburg Virginia for a very tough town hall style debate. It will be very interesting to see how Mitt Romney tries to dodge specific questions, which is more difficult coming from the audience. He will have to finally give specific details to his tax policy and Medicare.

You have the last two debates within a week of each other and the winner will have a huge advantage come November. Everyone is expecting President Obama to come out very aggressively tomorrow night, which is not what he did in the first debate. The better argument should have the upper hand with the ongoing early voting across the nation.

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