President Obama Leads in Swing State Dash

The President leads in almost every swing state poll coming down to the wire. He has a very important early voting edge that could very well decide this election. President Obama has a slight edge in Iowa, Colorado and Virginia, while Mitt Romney continues to lead Florida by 1percentage point. Sooner or later the Presidential race comes down to Ohio.

President Obama has maintained a lead in Ohio during the entire election season. His lead is between 3 and 6 points depending on which poll you like to follow. The auto industry is a huge presence in the buckeye state. Every 1 in 8 jobs is connected to the car industry, which has benefited the President because of his commitment to the rust belt. Mitt Romney’s statement “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” could come back to haunt him, because of his abandonment of the auto industry.

Mitt Romney and his campaign aides claim that they are way ahead of John McCain’s ground game and early voting back in 2008. They are closing the distance between Democrats and Republicans in the swing states, but still trail. The Democratic machine is incredible when it comes to their ground game and how many field offices they have. The GOP continues to lag behind in every category except enthusiasm.

The GOP faces some serious problems in this year’s election and future contests. They desperately need to change their message and the demographics. Their base is constantly shrinking and their message has been alienating. The party needs to be overhauled with some new blood and some new enthusiasm. President Obama and the Democrats continue to expand the election map, while it is shrinking everyday on Republicans. The GOP might have to change their mascot from an elephant to a dinosaur.

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