President Obama Pushes His Plan In Boehner’s Back Yard

Urging Congress to do the right thing, President Obama lobbied lawmakers to pass his jobs plan, promising that it would help rebuild schools and give work to thousands of construction workers. The President kept asking what on earth was Congress waiting for.

The President spoke from a high school in the battleground state of Ohio, which is home to speaker of the house John Boehner. There was a very lively audience which started shouting the President’s phrase, Pass this bill.

The event was more like re-election night than just an ordinary speech. President Obama came with the music rocking, rolled up his sleeves and went to work. His last point in the speech was aimed at education, where there will be $25 billion in the deal for school renovations.

The President is trying to get support from the public and to continue building as much pressure on Congress to get this deal done as possible. He has been to Virginia, which is home to Eric Cantor, the majority leader in the House of Representatives. He was in speaker Boehner’s state today and is headed to North Carolina tomorrow.

The plan will help small businesses by cutting down their taxes and by giving tax credits to companies that will hire veterans and the unemployed who are considered long-term. He is going to pay for this bill by limiting deductions and other items on the super rich.

The President insisted that the U.S. must have her priorities in order. The biggest corporations and the wealthiest people must pay their fair share if we are to improve things for everyone. The President is convinced that this plan, which he has named The American Jobs Act, will be great for the country.

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