President Obama Will Stop Deportation Of Young Illegals

The Obama Administration has announced that they will stop deporting 800,000 young illegals and issue them work permits if they meet the criteria, such as not being involved in crime and were brought to this country as children.


Janet Napolitano, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security, announced the policy change will go into effect immediately. The Secretary claimed that the shift did not include immunity or amnesty but was a move to re-evaluate the priorities in how they enforce the law.


Mitt Romney and the Republicans have already blamed the Administration for overreaching their power. This is definitely a policy that goes in the opposite direction of the GOP’s beliefs. During the Republican debates, the top contenders were against any work permits and staunchly for the deportation of all illegals. Mitt Romney even recommended self-deportation.


Latinos have been very frustrated will the rhetoric coming from the GOP. Newt Gingrich was for some forms of amnesty for illegals that have been in the U.S. for over 25 years and was blasted for it. The Obama Administration has also been heavily criticized for the huge number of deportations over the last couple of years.


President Obama is expected to say a few words about the new policy today which is very similar to the Dream Act that Democrats have wanted to pass, but has been blocked by Republicans. The two sides must come together if the U.S. will ever tackle the problem of immigration. The decision should have an impact on this year’s election.

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