President Obama’s Economy Continues To Encourage Americans

The U.S. economy continues to show strong signs of improvement with 171,000 jobs created, which is 84,000 more new jobs that were expected. The rising economic growth over the last 4 months, and positive job numbers over the last 25 months, reminds voters just how far America has come after the Bush recession destroyed most of the U.S. economy just 4 years ago.

This is the last Labor Department’s report before the national election on Tuesday Nov. 6. Since July, the average number of jobs created per month is over 173,000, which are up substantially from the April through June numbers. There is a positive feeling in America about the economy and the comeback from such a dismal outlook back in 2009.

American consumers are more confident and it shows with the up-tick in purchasing more big-ticket items, especially automobiles and appliances. The auto industry reported steady sales even with losing 3 days of sales, because of Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the Northeast. Home sales have steadily continued to rise.

In October, 2009 the unemployment rate was 10.2, which was the highest rate in almost 30 years. This is when the economy hit rock bottom. This was the end of Bush’s disastrous economy. These last 5 million jobs that were lost, was unfairly charged to Barack Obama. The Bush disaster put America in a hole that has been hard to get out of.

After all America has been through, people are now seeing that Obama’s policies are working well for them. He did it mostly on his own, without any help from Republicans who were trying to stop him. The GOP’s number 1 priority was to defeat President Obama, not to help create jobs. President Obama has rescued the economy and America needs to continue the momentum.

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