Protests Rage-On As Republicans Attack Workers’ Rights

Republican governors continue their mission of attacking workers’ rights in America with their strategic efforts of eliminating the right to bargain and the power to negotiate salaries and benefits. As soon as the election was over, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan began planning the dismantling of the union’s across the state in an attempt to silence workers and their freedoms. This move was stealthy and vindictive after and election where Republican ideology was rejected.

Governor Snyder’s move came out of nowhere, just like it did in Ohio and Wisconsin. This rivals the disgraceful mutiny of the Baltimore Colts when they moved out of town in the middle of the night and ended up in Indianapolis. Lies and deceptions of the governor have now been called out by the Detroit Free Press, who has supported him in the past. They blasted him for sneaking this union-busting law through during the lame duck session while saying “Gov. Snyder’s trust has now been betrayed.”

With the “Right-To-Work” law being passed and awaiting the signature from the deceitful governor, Democrats must continue to fight for the working people of the state while protecting the right to bargain for their future. Union members, and their supporters, will not go silently. Thousands of protestors are in Lansing Michigan, letting Gov. Snyder know that his gestapo tactics will not be tolerated by the people.

President Obama has already said these ‘right-to-work’ laws give people “the right to work for less money.” The President and leading Democrats need to do more to eliminate this all-out attack on workers’ rights and their ability to have a voice in choosing their future. Republicans continue their destruction of everyday workers in America while supporting management and the CEO’s of the world. They have verified their actions of only caring about the richest 1% in America.

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