Republican Governors Denying Heath Care For Millions

Politics has even crept into the healthcare business, where at least five governors are refusing to set up state online health insurance markets that would help millions attain affordable healthcare. Leading the charge is the governor of Florida Rick Scott. Not only does Gov. Scott make it extremely hard for minorities to vote in his state, he doesn’t want them to have healthcare either.

By refusing to implement the state insurance markets, the federal government will have to step in and provide their own insurance markets known as healthcare exchanges. This move has the potential to supplant private individual insurance markets, which are under state control.

The Obama administration has made it very clear that they will ensure that the Affordable Care Act gets implemented to help the millions of uninsured people around the country. The GOP is picking another fight with President Obama over the health and well-being of American Citizens, instead of working together to provide much needed healthcare to the masses.

The motley crew of defiant GOP governors is a familiar list that starts with Gov. Scott of Florida. The rest include Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Nathan Deal of Georgia, John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Perry of Texas. Newly elected governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, says he won’t play ball either.

It’s a shame when officials play politics at every turn, but it is especially insulting when a governor of a state refuses to implement policies that would benefit the health of their citizens a great deal. Healthcare is not a game, particularly when it could cost someone their life. The final step is to have universal insurance with a single-payer system. That way Republicans can’t stand in the way of progress.

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