Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth

The Grand Ole Party took a shellacking On Tuesday night, during one of the most frustrating elections for Republicans in recent memory, and they continue to search for some answers. They are trying to ask the right questions. Was it their candidate, Hurricane Sandy, the demographics, low voter turnout or idiotic statements from the Tea Party extremists that scared the hell out of voters? The answer is yes to all.

Demographics are becoming the number one problem in the Republican Party. Just go back to the GOP primaries to get a sense of how many insults Republican nominee’s made toward Hispanic voters, the fastest growing demographic in the country. There was one insult after another about self-deportation and building bigger fences. In fact Rick Perry was booed by the audience when he bragged about working with the legislature that let non-citizen Latinos pay the same in-state tuition as everyone else.

One of the biggest problems that the GOP has is the Tea Party. They don’t want to admit it, but it cost Republicans control of the Senate, while shrinking their number of seats in both houses. The comments made by these extremists scare the average voter. The worst Tea Party members were voted out of office except Michelle Bachmann, who barely retained her seat in the House. Voters sent a harsh warning to the GOP saying, if you don’t get control of these extremists, we will.

So the Republican Party has a good idea of what went so wrong on election night, but do they have the courage to fix it? John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has already said that he is willing to compromise with the President on a big deal to avoid the fiscal cliff that is looming. Do traditional Republicans have the guts to stand up to their own extremists such as the Tea Party, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? We will find out.

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