Republicans Continue Assault of Black Farmers

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the 2012 Presidential candidate and a big favorite of the Tea Party, is fiercely attacking the black farmers. Providing one of her examples of wasteful government spending, she cited the multibillion-dollar settlement between the Department of Agriculture and black farmers.

Pigford V. Glickman was the class-action lawsuit where farmers claimed that the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture discriminated against them by not issuing them the same loans and grants that were provided for white farmers. The case was settled back in 1999, but they had a resettlement in 2010 and allowed thousands of late filers.

President Obama authorized a payment of $1.2 billion to the black farmers last year and the award passed Congress with bipartisan support. Bachman claims that the settlement was riddled with fraud and said the money should go to all the Mississippi and Missouri River flood victims.

Bachman proclaims that massive abuse and fraud from the Pickford discrimination claims, should be denied because many of the participants are not even farmers. She has teamed up with fellow lawmakers including Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who compared the payments to slave reparations.

Many believe that Bachman’s treatment of the black farmers is viewed as race baiting, which seems to be a virtue for everyone in the Tea Party and the GOP because they cannot stand America having their first black President.

There are few African-Americans representing the Republican Party besides Reps. Tim Scott of South Carolina, Florida’s Allen West and the Tea Party’s extreme pizza delivery man Herman Cain, who is running for President.

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