Romney and Ryan’s “Hypocrisy Disaster Tour”

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan are touring Louisiana after the disastrous effects of Hurricane Isaac. They are there to show sympathy and support for victims that would not have enough relief if the GOP had it their way. The Republicans in the House of Representatives tried to block disaster relief and hold it hostage.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, called it “the height of hypocrisy” for GOP nominee Mitt Romney and vice-presidential contender Paul Ryan to try and show sympathy for victims that would of left millions “stranded on their own”, if the GOP had their way with relief policies.

Reid went on to accuse Paul Ryan’s budget of “gutting disaster relief”, which it does by $10 billion. This all started during the fake debt ceiling debate and later budget talks when House Minority Leader Eric Cantor, started playing dangerous games with threatening to withhold disaster relief funds, while being backed up by Paul Ryan. They tried these silly games in order to gut social programs that help those less fortunate.

Paul Ryan tried to withhold disastrous relief funds for a second time during one of the worst droughts that the U.S. has ever seen. President Obama has pressed Congress to pass a farm bill that would help ensure certainty with farmers and provide them with much needed natural disaster funds.

The GOP at every level refuses to work with Democrats in any fashion, even if it affects millions of suffering Americans. They have also staved FEMA from much needed funding for natural disasters while politicizing every bill. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and other leaders of the GOP continue to use the American people as hostages to push their extreme agenda.

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