Romney Angers GOP With Health Care Mandate Flip-Flop

Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign has not gone smoothly over the last few days when it comes to his response to the individual mandate part of the Affordable Care Act. Conservatives are furious with Romney’s senior advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, for calling the mandate a penalty instead of a tax.


The GOP has been in rare form and very consistent with their message that the ACA bill is a heavy tax on the middle class, while Mitt Romney’s campaign has been waffling and flip-flopping all over the place. They refused for several days to call the mandate a tax because it was instituted very effectively by Governor Romney in Massachusetts.


It is this kind of messaging that Rick Santorum warned conservatives about during the GOP Presidential debates over the past year. He said there is no way Mitt Romney could successfully argue against ObamaCare because he was the one who came up with the health care model in his own state of Massachusetts as Governor.


This is the latest example in a long line of flip-flops by Mitt Romney. Other famous changes of direction include abortion, immigration, gun laws, global warming, don’t ask don’t tell, same sex marriage, stem cell research and the Bush tax cuts. People wonder which position Mitt Romney will change tomorrow.


The GOP will continue to hammer Mitt Romney if he does not stay on script. Conservatives have had a hard time getting behind the Romney campaign because of flip-flopping over the years. They cannot trust him. He has a huge challenge trying to get the rest of America to trust him as well.

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