Romney Can’t Shake “47 Percent” Remark

While throwing 47% of the American people under the bus, Mitt Romney also crumpled up his campaign and threw it into the garbage. It was a video that wasn’t supposed to surface, but it did and no explanation can undo it. Gov. Romney has tried to tell voters that he will work for 100% of the people, but too much damage has been done.

Mitt Romney continues to lose ground in all the swing states as we speak. Nothing seems to stop the avalanche of negativity aimed at the Romney campaign. When talking about the 47% who don’t pay taxes, he said that “my job is not to worry about those people.” That claim is coming back to haunt Mitt Romney because of everyone he just insulted.

About half of those 47% will be voting for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election. Most of those people are exempt from paying taxes because they are elderly, in the military, and most just don’t make enough money to pay federal income taxes. The majority of them are hard working men and women who do pay property taxes, payroll taxes, city and state taxes. They are not freeloaders on society.

Gov. Romney has tried everything to erase voter’s memory of this tape, but it’s too hard for people to forget. The one responsible for helping to release this video is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. I think Mitt Romney regrets continually referring to President Carter as the worst in our history. It will be hard for Mitt Romney to run from this story because you can’t run away from your own words.

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