Romney Insults Palestinians With Racist Statements

Sa’eb Erekat, who is a Palestinian negotiator and member of the PLO executive committee, blasted Mitt Romney over racist statements he made to wealthy Jewish donors on Monday at a fundraiser. Mr. Romney said that higher personal wealth in Israel compared to Palestine, is because of their culture.


Mr. Erekat said Romney has no clue what is going on is the region and said that Israeli occupation was the main reason contributing to Palestinians suffering economically. He also claimed that the statements were to serve the extremists in the region.


After ignoring the facts on the ground, Mr. Erekat also pointed out that Mitt Romney disregards economic reality due to the numerous road blocks, closures and the settlement activities which continues to stall the progress of the Palestinians on their own homeland.


The Gaza Strip and the West Bank have been under Israeli control since the six-day war in 1967 and they continue to control all access to both regions. Gov. Romney compared the GDP of both regions and said that the Israelis had an innovative business climate and the Palestinians do not.


Another Palestinian leader reminded Mitt Romney that the Israelis never claimed to have cultural superiority like the Presidential nominee is suggesting. They went on to blast Mitt Romney for being naïve and for not understanding the region or the history at all.


The White House has reacted to the statements as leaving some people scratching their heads. This is the third time Mitt Romney has insulted an entire region. He can’t continue to look like an amateur on the world stage without being seen as an utter joke.

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