Romney-Ryan To Destroy Disaster Relief

While Hurricane Sandy is pounding the entire east coast, many are reminded that Mitt Romney wants to do away with federal disaster relief and give it to the states. Mitt Romney’s answer to everything is privatization and control back to the states. Who in their right mind would trust the private sector to take care of citizens during natural disasters? It could only be the GOP.

Mitt Romney claimed that providing federal relief was “immoral” without cutting the budget elsewhere. Republicans wants to do away with FEMA and will compromise the health and well-being of American citizens to do it. This all started back when Eric Cantor, the Republican House Majority Leader, took Americans in despair, hostage by insisting on budget cuts before agreeing on disaster relief for millions of suffering U.S. citizens.

Paul Ryan has the same view and highlighted it in his 2012 budget plan, which called for disaster relief funding to “be fully offset within the discretionary levels provided in this resolution.” In other words, no relief funds, unless Congress agrees to offset the spending by cutting programs that would help poor people and students. They are holding the American people hostage while getting rid of help for middle-class families.

The GOP will stop at nothing to continue their greed and corruption. Americans will continue to suffer under their partisan and cruel actions towards people who are struggling. When did the U.S. become a nation where we put our neighbor’s lives and well-being at risk because of politics? Americans are sick and tired of being used by the GOP.

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