Romney’s Speech To Latino Leaders Disappoints

Mitt Romney spoke Thursday at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference, known as NALEO. He promised immediate reform to the U.S. immigration system, while continuing not to address the question if he would end or support President Obama’s stance on a reprieve of deporting young undocumented immigrants that are in the U.S., and will be allowed to work.


He has continued to say that he would put in place his own long term solution, without giving any specific details or plans. Romney has been under pressure to respond to the President’s action for over a week. Mr. Romney has mistakenly referred to the Presidents reform as an executive order, but it’s really a directive to agencies that deal with immigration.


The President and Congress have tried to come to an agreement on the immigration policy known as the Dream Act. After years of no compromises, President Obama has taken control of the issue that is so important for many Latinos.


Mitt Romney definitely has an uphill battle on his hands when it comes to immigration. The GOP has taken a very hard stance on the issue, especially during the Republican debates. Mr. Romney was consistent in his message of no amnesty, and even proposed the idea of self-deportation.  He has said that he would veto the Dream Act and called Arizona’s controversial immigration law, a model for the nation.


The Latino vote will be very critical to this year’s election. The GOP is way behind because of their hard right stance on immigration issues. This election will be a deciding factor on how the U.S. will handle their immigration policy.

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