Ron Paul Supporters Fed-Up With Mitt Romney and GOP

In Tampa on Sunday, Ron Paul gave a very passionate farewell speech to over 8,000 raucous supports, while he declared that the Ron Paul Revolution will continue. The speech was a wake-up call for the Republican Party and their outdated ideas.

Millions of young voters and Libertarians carried the Ron Paul message to new heights and they believe it can carry the GOP to new ideas and also many new supporters, such as Latinos. The youth movement dedicated to Ron Paul is the future of the Republican Party if they will accept them.


The major problem is that the GOP has become so extreme is their beliefs and message that they are pushing away the millions of voters that they need to be successful in the future. Instead of attacking groups of Americans, such as women, they need to concentrate on freedom and equality for all.


The tone of the GOP has been extremely harsh towards women, middle-class Americans, the poor and especially Hispanics. Mitt Romney and the other GOP Presidential nominee hopefuls were increasingly insensitive towards immigration and some of the suggestions were just barbaric. The Latino community has jumped to the Democratic side in big numbers because of their immigration policy and their intentions to work with young Latinos who want to stay in the U.S.


Ron Paul has many supporters but they do not like Mitt Romney or the other leaders in the GOP. If Republicans don’t change their prehistoric message, they will never gain control of the Presidency, and their days will be numbered in Congress. The country is changing and people must change with it.

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