Ryan’s Hypocrisy: Lying and Lobbying About Stimulus Money

Paul Ryan has been caught in one big lie that he can’t get away from. While continually railing against the stimulus package that helped millions, Ryan was secretly lobbying the government for a piece of that money to help his own district.


Paul Ryan was acting like a demagogue by demeaning and voting against the stimulus plan at the same time he was requesting millions of dollars from Energy Secretary Steven Chu. He wrote 4 letters to Sec. Chu praising him for his energy programs, hoping his grant applications would be given “prompt and full consideration”.


Not only are his actions hypocritical, but he has lied about his request for days now. Just yesterday he admitted asking for the funds, but claims he didn’t know what they were for. He wanted the Department of Energy to give millions for 2 Wisconsin companies that were looking to develop new “green jobs”.


Paul Ryan still claims that the stimulus plan did not help the economy. You can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth and be taken seriously when you are running for high office. This kind of hypocrisy cannot be tolerated, especially when Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to win the public’s trust.


The stimulus plan did create a lot of jobs, and more importantly, it saved millions of jobs. A big chunk of the stimulus money was a tax break that again helped millions. The dishonesty that continues to flood the political arena is taking a toll on the respectability of the candidates. It’ time to put away childish things.

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