Sean Hannity Disgraces Fox News Again

When it comes to political shows, no one has been more pathetic than Sean Hannity, for his everyday mission to try anything to personally destroy the President of the United States. There has never been a one man attack dog that is so unpatriotic towards America, while accusing President Obama of everything from a cover-up artist to a terrorist.

This time Hannity has conspired with the Daily Caller and Drudge for the discovery of the decade, which is a 2007 video of President Obama showing compassion for those of color and for people who live in poor neighborhoods. The only problem with the video is that it was made public 5 years ago. Fox News and Hannity are blowing the same old racist dog whistles with nothing new.

The only good thing about Fox News these days is that Juan Williams, a Fox contributor, was there to set them straight. He viciously called out Sean Hannity for his ridiculous conspiracy theories and exposed him for his pathetic attempts “to throw anything against the wall and see if it sticks.” Whether it is Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers or anybody else, Hannity always tries to connect the President with something that just isn’t there.

While Sean Hannity has his own disgraceful relationships, like racist Neo-Nazi Hal Turner, he continues to hurl personal attacks without proof towards President Obama. His radio show and his nightly rant for one hour every night on Fox News, proves how un-American Sean Hannity is. He has no respect for the office the President holds, and therefore he deserves no respect or credibility for his one-man mission to destroy the President. With People like Hannity, Fox News continues to be the joke of the news industry, while claiming they are “fair and balanced.”

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