Speaker Boehner and House GOP Adjourn In Disgrace

The Republicans in Congress are planning to adjourn for two months, after accomplishing nothing, and will return after the elections. Speaker John Boehner and House Republican Leader Eric Cantor leave Washington in disgrace again, after refusing to take up any meaningful bills while cementing their reputation as the worst Congress ever.

The obstructionists in the GOP will pay a price for their lack of concern for Americans and for not sitting down with Democrats to resolve their differences. Many House members are in serious trouble in their re-election bids coming in November.

House Leader Eric Cantor’s days in Congress could be numbered as he faces a tough challenge in Virginia from Democrat Wayne Powell. Rep. Allen West is also in serious trouble down in Florida after accusing every one of being a communist. Democrats have their sights set on removing Michelle Bachman from service up in Minnesota. Bachman has accomplished nothing but name calling and spreading fear since joining Congress.

A few days ago the GOP walked away from taking up the farm bill that was passed by the Senate, which would be very helpful to agriculture across the U.S. Politics continues to get in the way. The House GOP members have let America down by not addressing several important bills including The American Jobs Act, Wind tax credit, Farm Bill, the Veterans Job Corps Act, sequestration and tax cuts for middle class Americans.

As sad as it sounds, maybe it’s a good thing that House Republicans are leaving Washington, because they are only causing damage. Their reputation is pathetic and they still refuse to work with Democrats. Their only concern is defeating President Obama and winning their own elections. Their service to their country has been disgraceful and Un-American.

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