Speaker Boehner Leading From Behind

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has taken the flip-flop title away from the GOP’s Presidential runner-up Mitt Romney, by walking back his statements about compromising on new tax revenues and mudding up the waters on a major fiscal cliff deal. He now wants to put Obama Care back on the table as part of the cuts for a deficit reduction deal. There is no doubt that someone got to Speaker Boehner and reminded him that his job is not to compromise with the President. The question is who was it?

Speaker Boehner’s leadership has been non-existent since he took the gavel from Nancy Pelosi back in 2010. He has no control over the House Republicans who are determined to stay the “Party of No.” A huge wave of Tea Party representatives were swept into the House with great momentum, but have accomplished nothing since being elected. Their obstructionist ways were celebrated by the GOP but rejected by the voters in the 2012 elections. Many of the worst offenders were voted out even in heavy Republican territory.

The people are tired of grid lock and they want things to get done by Congress working together. The problem is that Republicans have refused to negotiate in good faith regardless of the message spoken by the voters on Nov. 6. The vast majority of people have squarely placed blame at the feet of the GOP in the House of Representatives which has looked to politicize every issue, especially the debt ceiling debate.

Speaker Boehner is the leading figure in a Congress that has an approval rating under 10%, which means more people look forward to getting a root canal. He seemed like a changed man when he offered new revenues and a serious commitment in compromising on a grand bargain that would eliminate the oncoming fiscal cliff, but he is beginning to hear Tea Party voices in his head again. Speaker Boehner must decide if he is going to lead from the front or behind.

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