Speaker Boehner Vs. The Tea Party

Speaker of the House John Boehner is in the fight of his life and no, it’s not against President Obama. The Speaker has been called out by his conservative base for negotiating with the President on much needed additional revenues, through tax increases, and for ousting three Tea Party House Republicans from key committees for not supporting his leadership. Has Speaker Boehner finally found it in himself to stand up to the extremists in his own party?

Most people think John Boehner is in a no-win situation during these “Fiscal Cliff” talks, but he isn’t. He just needs to stand his ground against the Tea Party obstructionists, because Americans demand a deal from both parties before the end of the year. The “Party of No,” which is headed by the Tea Party, wants the U.S. to go over the “Fiscal Cliff” rather than to make a deal with Democrats. Moderate Republicans know that would be disastrous for the country and the Republican Party.

Right-Wing Extremists, the Tea Party, and conservative media outlets are furious over Speaker Boehner’s revenue offer and his willingness to compromise with the President. It all starts with the leader of the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh, who has had enough of John Boehner. New Heritage Foundation President and Tea Party favorite Jim DeMint, told Rush that he could do more good for Republicans running the conservative think tank then he could as a U.S. Senator. Asked if he was forced out by the Speaker, DeMint said “it might work a little bit the other way, Rush.”

Speaker Boehner knows one thing, the American people have spoken and they will blame the Republicans if a deal is not reached. 4 years of obstruction and finger pointing have taken a huge toll on the Republican brand. If he does not want to go down as a disastrous failure, as Speaker of the House, John Boehner must continue to stand up to the Right-Wing extremists in his own Party and give the President a grand bargain.

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