Supreme Court Declares Health Care Law Constitutional

President Obama and the Democrats got a huge victory today when the Supreme Court upheld The Affordable Care Act by a decision of 5-4. John Roberts, who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court , wrote the opinion and called the law a valid power for Congress to tax.


The individual mandate had been the most controversial provision of the bill. Republicans have claimed that it is unconstitutional to force citizens to buy health insurance, even though it was an idea that came out of the GOP some years ago.


The Republicans say they are committed to repealing the bill in full. They have already announced a repeal vote scheduled for the House of Representatives on July 11. Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, has already said that the only way to repeal it is to elect him President in November.


Mitt Romney will have a hard time convincing people he’s dead set against the bill because he was the first Governor to put this law into effect. The health care law is known as Obama care, but was known as Romney care. This is a Republican idea that was implemented by a Republican Governor. A lot of people argue that the GOP disagrees with it because President Obama helped put this bill into effect.


There are a lot of falsehoods about the bill because the Democrats have done a terrible job of selling it to the American people. The health care bill will add more than 45 million people to the list of the insured. Debate will continue until everyone in the U.S. has health insurance.

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