Supreme Court Says Minors Can Purchase Violent Videogames

California’s law, which restricts children from purchasing violent video games has been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, saying that the state’s passing of the controversial 2005 law was definitely a free speech violation.

The court ruled 7–2 against California’s law despite their strict scrutiny laws that are there to oversee the distribution of all the adult entertainment to minors. The Supreme Court says that First Amendment protections far outweigh those concerns.

The 2005 California law proclaimed it illegal for any retailer to sell video games that are violent to minors. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was governor at the time, said if the government can restrict sales of sexual materials, then they can also restrict violent games which are on the same level. That argument was very soundly rejected by the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court cases are very clear when it comes to First Amendment obscenity exceptions. They only cover sexual conduct depictions, not what legislature’s find shocking. Typical American homes will be dramatically impacted by this ruling. More than 46 million households are using a video game system. Consumers in America spend about $16 billion on video software and more than $9 billion on gaming hardware.

The video game industry has feared any type of restriction on their rights that could lead to other restrictions in the entertainment industry. The video game industry gets to keep selling violent games such as Call of Duty, Black Ops and Grand Theft Auto. The industry continues to dominate.

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