Tax Returns Big Problem For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has refused to release numerous years of his tax returns which sparks the debate of “what is he trying to hide”? The GOP Presidential nominee and the Democrats have been trading insults all week about Mitt Romney’s departure from Bain Capital and when exactly did he leave. This can all be cleared up with the disclosure of his tax returns.


Former President Bill Clinton has said that the former CEO of Bain claims that he can fix the economy and therefore his financial record is a legitimate campaign scrutiny. He went on to say that his reluctance to release more of his tax returns “struck me as a little odd”. He added that every Presidential candidate in the last 30 years has produced at least 10 or 11 years of returns, and Senator McCain released over 20 years of his records.


Many in the GOP are pressuring Governor Romney to release his tax records. That is exactly what happened during the Republican debates when Newt Gingrich challenged Mr. Romney to make his work in the private sector public record. He only released one year.


Mitt Romney has blasted President Obama on the lack of transparency in his administration but is not taking his own advice. He continually refuses to comply with the requests of so many to put this issue to bed. David Axelrod, who is a senior advisor to President Obama, said Romney was the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon.


Transparency will be a key issue in the up-coming Presidential debates where the people will decide who can trusted to run the country for the next 4 years.

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