Tea Party Extremists Targeted By Democrats

High profile Tea Party Extremists are fighting for their political lives all over the country because of their unwillingness to work with Democrats and for their prehistoric stances on a number of issues. The voters are sick of the name calling and want their representatives to work together to find solutions that will help America. Some of the Tea Party ideologues don’t even relate to the average everyday American.

First on the Democratic Hit-List is the disgraced former military crack-pot Allen West. No one in Congress has been more divisive and disrespectful then the name calling representative from Florida. When he’s not calling Democrats a bunch of communists, he is insulting and demeaning women. He is in a tough race against Patrick Murphy who just got an endorsement from West’s GOP opponent in the primary.

Michele Bachmann’s removal would be a huge victory for Democrats and America. The one-time GOP presidential hopeful has disgusted people for a long time. She got laughed out of the debate room the other day for saying that she never makes political speeches. Even in rich Republican territory, people are sick of their name calling divisive representative.

The next Tea Party wacko that has to go is Rep. Joe Walsh from Illinois. This GOP nut-job is so extreme, most Republicans have abandoned him. He has viciously insulted his opponent Tammy Duckworth, who is an Iraq war veteran and American hero who lost both of her legs during combat missions. Rep. Walsh is unstable and a detriment to the United States.

The next group of Tea Party extremists’, don’t need much of an introduction. They are known as the abortion wackos. They include Todd Akin of Missouri, Steve King of Iowa and Richard Mourdock of Indiana. Two of them are in serious trouble and will probably be defeated. They believe that men know best about the health and well-being of women and their bodies. “It’s so easy a Caveman can do it.”

America is begging for some real leadership from the people they send to Washington, and so far they are not getting it. The Tea Party movement must end if the U.S. is going to move forward with cooperation and respect. America is too great a nation to be represented by delusional extremists. “It’s time to put away childish things.”

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