The GOP’s “War on Women” Takes Center Stage

The Republican Party continues to wage war on the women of this country. From not being able to make decisions about their own bodies, to being told what rights they should have by male members of the GOP. Their latest confession about rape, submitted by Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin, is the same stance supported by vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.


Todd Akin says that “legitimate rape” doesn’t result in pregnancy due to a woman’s ability to shut down their reproductive organs. This of course is a terribly false statement. The GOP continues their all-out assault on women. They think they know best about women’s health issues and what to recommend.


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan thought about it for a while and then disagreed with Akin’s statements. On the other hand, Paul Ryan has a long history of denying women a chance to decide the fate of their own body. Congressman Ryan co-sponsored the “Sanctity of Life Act” which grants legal personhood to fertilized eggs, no exceptions, even is the case of rape and incest.


Mitt Romney has said that would support a constitutional amendment that defines life beginning at conception. This was after he flip-flopped on the abortion issue. For years he was pro-choice, but lately he considers himself a severely conservative candidate. The GOP remains outdated with their views of women in society.


Governor Bob McDonnell (R) of Virginia supported an ultrasound bill for women before all abortions, including rape and incest. The vaginal probe bill was shot down by reasonable thinkers in the Senate. People often wonder why Republicans treat women as an object rather than our mothers and daughters. Is it really all political?


Mitt Romney will have a tough time distancing himself from his own running mate. Which side of the issue will Mitt land on this time? A real leader doesn’t change their mind every time the wind blows. A real leader makes a decision and sticks to it, for better or worse.

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