The People Have Spoken: They Want 4 More Years

The voters have made up their minds and the results are in. President Obama deserves another 4 years to keep this economy on the right track and to continue growing the job market. Voters overwhelming picked the President’s path over Mitt Romney and the GOP way. It was a very good night to be a Democrat. If you are a Republican, last night was painful to watch.

The reality for the GOP has now become very clear. They cannot continue their divisive and alienating politics if they want to seriously contend for victories of the Presidency, or even Senate and House seats. The GOP got pummeled by the heavy Latino vote that favored President Obama by at least 70%.

Voters agree that the GOP argument is a losing one. Not only are people sick of the Republican message, they are tired of the extremist wing of the party, which have been taken over by unreasonable candidates that get themselves in more trouble every time they start talking about women’s health and other social issues.

The Democrats are winning the argument about which way the country has to move. They continue to welcome all demographics of people and have an open mind when it comes to social issues and taking on the tough problems of the country. It was a great night for democracy and a victory for the middle class.

Where do we go from here? The President reconfirmed his commitment to working together with Republicans on trying to find common ground. Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were very grumpy and upset after last night’s result, which is understandable. They must now put aside their disappointment and work with the President, just like the people demanded last night. We must move forward.

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