Top Military Brass Condemns “Swiftboating” of Obama

The top leaders in the military are furious at a group of veterans that are using personal politics to criticize the President of the United States. Special Ops Officers are exploiting their military service in challenging and criticizing President Obama for their own political agenda, which is shameful misconduct for men and women in uniform.


Gen. Martin Dempsey, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, was very disappointed with the groups for letting politics get the better of them. He said that the military and all personnel must remain apolitical. “That’s how we maintain our bond and trust with the American people”.


A group of retired CIA and special operations officers have been very critical of President Obama for taking credit in the killing of Osama bin Laden, even though he approved of the pre-dawn raid in Pakistan. One of the special ops group is known as OPSEC, which stands for operational security. The group has tight bonds with the Republican Party.


OPSEC’s president is former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, who made an unsuccessful bid in 2010 to become a Republican Congressman in Virginia. Another former SEAL, Benjamin Smith, has been very critical over every act that President Obama has done since taking office, including ObamaCare, auto bailouts, stimulus and the Patriot Act, even though some of these were implemented by President Bush.


Many are condemning the verbal assault on the Commander In Chief for strictly political reasons. Rick Woolard, who is a retired Navy SEAL Captain, said he preferred that SEAL’s and other special ops “would shut the hell up”. This is the second attempt for members of the GOP to “swiftboat” a Democratic candidate, by using the military.


The GOP “swiftboated” Presidential contender John Kerry, by falsely trying to discredit his service to the country during the Vietnam War. They attacked a War Hero while their own candidate, George W. Bush, went AWOL and never served in Vietnam. The people of the U.S. will not stand for this kind of deceitful attack again.

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