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Sequester Cuts Now Hitting Major Airports


It’s official! Expect major delays next time you take a flight. New York travelers waited over an hour for flights and other cities experienced the same kind of delays as air traffic control furloughs begin to kick in. The Federal Aviation Administration spoke up and said they have greatly reduced their ability to handle arrivals [...]

U.S. Gas Prices Continue To Plunge


Gas prices are dropping all over the country and this trend is expected to continue through the summer. Prices have fallen to $3 a gallon in a few markets, which makes it easier on traveler’s wallets. The price at the pump has dropped by 15 cents over the last month and it is 36 cents [...]

India Tourism Suffers Huge Loss After Sexual Assaults


Tourism in India has been suffering a great deal after on onslaught of sexual crimes and the murder of women in recent months. There has been a 35% loss of women visiting the country since the attacks started and the overall number of tourists that visited India is down 25%. Safety concerns remain the number [...]

March Madness Heats Up The Party In Las Vegas


The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the busiest and most exciting times to be in Las Vegas, the gambling mecca of the world. Millions flock to Sin City to enjoy the sports, parties and the multiple ways of placing bets. Las Vegas and its huge number of beautiful casinos let you watch every game [...]

Sequester Cuts Will Affect Airport Travel April 1


Most everyone seems to think that the big Sequestration warning is just one big hoax because it didn’t kick in immediately after the deadline, but that is not the case. Most of the severe cuts don’t go into effect until April, where it will greatly affect airplane travel and airport service. So in other words, [...]

Grand Canyon Hosts Millions Of Tourists Annually


One of the great travel meccas of the world continues to be the Grand Canyon. It’s one of the great natural wonders of the world that hosts 5 million visitors a year. People come from all around to enjoy the sites of the Grand Canyon by helicopter, tours, hiking, rafting and the old fashion way [...]

Sequester Cuts Would Destroy Travel and Businesses


Once again the pathetic members in Congress cannot get together and agree on anything, which is going to continue to hurt the economy and lose over a million jobs. Sequestration is the next dirty word in Washington D.C. and gridlock is still the main course of action. If a new deal is not reached by [...]

New Orleans Welcomes Mardi Gras Season


The Super Bowl was a great success, as it always is in the city of New Orleans, but the party never stops in “The Big Easy.” Southern Louisiana is always ready for a celebration and a parade. Now that football season is over, it signals that Mardi Gras time is here for some more partying. [...]

College Bowl Games Offer Great Travel Destinations


Whether you’re a loyal college football fan or just and average snowbird looking for a warm climate to inhabit, most college bowl game destinations offer excitement, entertainment and fun in the sun. Thousands of travelers every year look forward to their team getting a bowl invitation from a warm weather state during December and January. [...]

TSA Getting Favorable Ratings With Americans


The Transportation Security Administration is getting approval from the American people for a job well done. Over 54% of the people polled by Gallup, says that the TSA is doing an excellent or very good job in the way they handle screening responsibilities at airports in the United States.   Only 30% claimed that the [...]

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