U.S. Needs Tougher Gun Laws

The easy access to guns and assault rifles, have contributed greatly to the numerous tragic shootings that continue to plague the U.S. Hopefully the citizens of this country and our politicians can come together for a serious discussion about controlling the sale of assault weapons.


Aurora Colorado is where the latest tragedy has hit. 12 people were killed and 71 are injured, some of them are in serious condition. In 1999, there was another massacre not too far away at Columbine High School. Both of the shootings were done mostly with assault rifles used by kids that are far too easy to obtain.


It is time for somebody with a lot of clout and guts to stand up to the NRA and fight them on the access of these deadly assault weapons that have no reason being offered to the public. Only the proper authorities should have access to these weapons.


The NRA has been out of control for a long time, especially with all of their influence pedaling and numerous paid lobbyists that represent them. They pay millions of dollars so that the United States of America has the most lax gun laws in the world.


Michael Bloomberg, who is the Mayor of New York City, has been a heroic advocate of much stricter gun control laws for many years. He is pleading with the two leaders who are battling for the presidency, Mitt Romney and President Obama, to make a stand and let the public know what they’re going to do about it.


There were over 9,000 gun related murders last year in the United States. The easy access to fire arms in this country is ridiculous. Violence is always blamed on the individual and not the weapon. Someone has to step up and fight the powerful NRA if we will ever have a chance to make this country safer.

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