Voter Suppression Laws Will Decide Election

The most deciding factor in the upcoming election, and the most controversial, will be the court’s decision on voter ID laws that could disenfranchise thousands of registered voters. Republican Governors, especially in Florida and Pennsylvania, have been leading the fight to suppress votes for the Democratic Party.


Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, is being sued by the Justice Dept. over unfair voting laws that are racially biased and will stop thousands from voting, especially minorities who most often vote Democrat. He has claimed that voter fraud is the reason for the changes, even though there is very little evidence of that ever taking place.


Pennsylvania has passed a voter suppression law that is also being challenged by the Justice Dept. State Congressman Mike Turzai of Pennsylvania, Republican House Majority Leader, said that passing the ID laws would “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.


President Obama and the Democrats are fighting back against these unconstitutional measures. The Presidents has an army of lawyers that are ready to go at the first sight of voter intimidation or suppression.


Governor Rick Scott has issued a purge list of 180,000 people, mostly minorities, that is inaccurate and unsubstantiated. Some of the Governor’s own people have refused to follow this order. Florida has a long history of suspicious voting counts, especially in the 2000 Presidential race, where 12,000 eligible voters were not allowed to cast their vote.


Voter suppression laws will continue to be the focus between the two major parties. It is an obvious attempt by the GOP to deny certain groups of people from casting their vote.

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