Worst Congress Ever Goes On Break

The 112th Congress, which is considered the worst in history, has been dismissed to start there 5 week recess. They have left town without accomplishing or agreeing on anything of real value for their 2 years of service. Their approval ratings are so bad that they have stayed in the single digit range for most of the session.


Republican Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Minority Leader, said it best when he claimed that their number one goal was to defeat President Obama in the up-coming election. No matter how bad things would get for the people, they refused to work with the President or the Democrats on anything that would help the country.


Across both houses of Congress, the Republicans have refused to compromise on any issue just to make the Democrats look as bad as possible. Their total disregard in trying to help the struggling economy has people wondering if the GOP is on the side of the American people. This Congress couldn’t even pass a farm bill that is usually a routine matter.


John Boehner, who is the Speaker of the House, has been controlled and put in his place by the freshman Tea Party extremists. This far right group has taken the Republican Party hostage and will do nothing but make false claims and name calling. This far right fringe is dangerous to the future of the U.S.


Even crises situations like the drought that has pummeled farmers across the nation is not reason enough for this pathetic Congress to get together and make a difference. If they can’t put their agendas aside from time to time and compromise, it doesn’t matter who controls the Presidency.

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